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Permanent epilation with the Alexandrite laser

Permanent laser hair removal is the most effective way to remove unwanted hair. Within the Doctor Balcangiu Stroescu Clinic, we use the most advanced technology for permanent hair removal: the Alexandrite laser. The 755 nm wavelength of the Alexandrite laser is the gold standard for permanent hair removal for all skin types (phototype I-IV). Thus, the Alexandrite laser is effective and safe regardless of skin color.

Permanent laser hair removal helps not only to remove excessive hair, but also to treat in depth infections of the hair strands, such as folliculitis.

The benefits of permanent hair removal with the Alexandrite laser

How many sessions are needed for permanent hair removal with the Alexandrite laser?

It is recommended to go to the clinic for touch-ups once or twice a year, if necessary.

What you need to know before the first definitive hair removal session with the Alexandrite laser

The prices of the procedures can be found on the Prices page of the website.

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