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What is the meaning of the white opaque dots or lines that sometimes appear on the nail?

The phenomenon is called punctate or streaked leukonychia. Contrary to popular myth, it does NOT mean a lack of calcium in the body. Its appearance translates to damage to the keratinization of the distal nail matrix, which gives rise to a portion of the nail and which can be seen through the transparency of the… Continue reading What is the meaning of the white opaque dots or lines that sometimes appear on the nail?


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Diabetes can also leave its mark on the skin, not just inside the body. Here are some ways it affects the skin: Skin dryness and itching Thickening of the skin in certain areas Delayed wound healing after various traumas Impairment or even loss of tactile and painful sensitivity, which is an important factor in the… Continue reading SKIN CHANGES IN DIABETES

The link between skin and gluten intolerance

Did you know that your skin can tell you that you have a gluten intolerance? Dermatitis herpetiformis is a skin manifestation of celiac disease and is associated with gluten sensitivity. It is a genetic disease that occurs in certain predisposed people, in which IgA antibodies are formed directed against some structures in the intestine and… Continue reading The link between skin and gluten intolerance


What is psoriasis? It is a chronic skin disease represented by red, dry, thickened (in relief), inflamed skin areas covered by silver scales, easily removable, all of which are accompanied by pruritus (itching) to varying degrees. Why does psoriasis occur? Studies to date have not identified an exact cause of psoriasis, but it is certain… Continue reading FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT PSORIASIS

General skin care tips for coppery skin

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wash the skin with lukewarm water and not hot or very cold use cleanser and cleanser specially designed for sensitive, red skin and gently massage with fingertips choose SPF with UVA and UVB protection of at least 30 do not use toners, astringent solutions and abrasive scrubs avoid cosmetics containing irritants (examples: alcohol, menthol, camphor,… Continue reading General skin care tips for coppery skin


There are several factors that determine the appearance of acne and it is important to remember that they can intertwine or exist simultaneously in the same person: genetics Everyone’s DNA controls and determines the amount of keratin and sebum and the size of the sebaceous glands. The hormonal level of testosterone and DHT (dihydrotestosterone) that… Continue reading WHY ACNE OCCURS

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