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General skin care tips for coppery skin

Beautiful feminine and attractive woman with natural red hair and freckles on face and body touching chin gently with fingers and gazing sensual and relaxed at camera taking care of beauty and skin.
  • wash the skin with lukewarm water and not hot or very cold
  • use cleanser and cleanser specially designed for sensitive, red skin and gently massage with fingertips
  • choose SPF with UVA and UVB protection of at least 30
  • do not use toners, astringent solutions and abrasive scrubs
  • avoid cosmetics containing irritants (examples: alcohol, menthol, camphor, perfumes, eucalyptus oil, oleic or palmitic acid)
  • do not choose waterproof cosmetics because they are removed using irritating solvents or by excessive rubbing
  • avoid dermabrasion or glycolic acid peels

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